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BrandUp Kit®

Only 12 Spots Available Every Year

The BrandUp Kit® was created to help you package your brand so that you can share it with the world.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner looking to shake up your branding presence, or just starting out and tackling entrepreneurship for the first time, now is the time to create a visually appealing brand.

5-Page Website

You’ll receive a responsive website, built on WordPress, that will bring you results.

Business Cards

You’ll receive 100 business cards that are consistent with your brand identity.


You’ll receive 100 postcards that will highlight your products and services.

Digital Flyer

I will design a digital flyer that can be utilized across all online platforms.

Logo + Icon

You’ll receive an innovative logo that communicates the passion for your brand.

Thank You Cards

You’ll receive 100 Thank You Cards that is consistent with your brand identity.

Retractable Banner

You’ll receive 1 retractable banner that is consistent with your brand identity.


You’ll receive (5) 30-minute consultations to create a brand strategy.


Brand Audit

Have you ever wondered what people think when they see your logo, website or marketing materials? The best way to get actionable feedback on your brand is by having a branding consultant do the evaluation. This Brand Audit allows you to know where you stand. I’ll evaluate your current logo, colors, fonts, photography, social media, and website and decipher changes so that you can become an industry-leading brand.


Hour of Power

Sometimes you just want to brainstorm with someone concerning areas of your brand, and you don’t want the same old “sugar-coated” advice given by the average branding consultant. It is always nice to have someone in your corner that will tell you the truth. Hour of Power provides you with the opportunity to focus on primary areas of branding. I will look at your brand and decipher your biggest challenges. With over a decade of experience, I am going to provide you with an honest evaluation that will enhance your online presence.

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Download Branding Checklist - Branding Expert Clinton Gorham - www.clintongorham.com
Brand In Style - Branding Expert Clinton Gorham - www.clintongorham.com
Brand In Style - Branding Expert Clinton Gorham - www.clintongorham.com

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I can help you Package Your Brand™ and create unique online experiences that change the way people interact with their brand.

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