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It is imperative to have a portfolio if you are a graphic or web designer. To be honest, it is important to have a portfolio regardless of what creative field you are apart. The obvious being so you can showcase your strongest skills to a potential employer or client. It also helps you solidify your brand. I also use it as a reference for self-evaluation. Think of it as a way to push myself to be better than I was the previous year. No one wants to look at a year-old portfolio and realize that he or she have not grown as an artist, so it is going to take some time and unique skills to put together a solid portfolio of graphics and web design work. A physical version of your portfolio is especially time-consuming.

While it is nice to have a physical version of my portfolio, I knew it was also a good idea to have an online portfolio presence. It is 2017 and having my iPad to take along to meeting and interviews is so much more convenient. I remember carrying a massive metal portfolio case to showcase my work when I first graduated college. When I think about it, I laugh. It so stone age huh? Now I have a cool iPad that proves to be more beneficial in this digital age and to my brand. However, the truth is, there is no right way of doing it. Each employer or client will always be different, and the common census is that expectations for graphics and web designers will be different from client to client and employer to employer. My only suggestion would be to research and have both versions on hand.


A.A. – Graphic Design
Coleman University

A.A. – General Studies
Central Texas College

Greene Central High


Web Guru Awards
May 14, 2017
Press Release


U.S. Marine Corp
E-5 | Sergeant
2003 – 2007


ARMED Church
Arthur Benjamin
Ashley Rivens
Black Working Mothers
Brandtastic Consulting
Carry Bandy
Cerissa McQueen
Catherine Newsome
City Church of Goldsboro
City of Truth
Cjambrica Frett
Craig Morrisey
Crystal Clear Photography
Datanya Betts
David Dreddon
Deborah Monroe
Delmus Willis
Dominion Center
Ebony Johnson
EFoster Makeup Artistry
Egyptian Acid Rock
Elaine Swann Enterprises
Evelyn Mack Academy
Event Savvy
Expressions & Sentiments
Freeman Multimedia
Fulfillment Enterprise

Funky Strings
Gospel Light Church
Ground Zero
Hay House
Honey Scrubbed
Jennifer Hammock
Kenyatta Johnson
Kristi Luvs Connection
Liberty Heights
Love of Christ Fellowship
Mal Williams
Monet Management
My Sweet Skin
Myelle Thompson
Natasha Howell
One Night Step
Ooh LaLa Salon
Patrice Delisser
Richard Miller
Rob J. Trash IV
Root 377 Salon
San Diego Alliance
Speak Life LA
Swann School of Protocol
Synergy Media
The Learning Academy
Tower of Strength
Trinity Studio

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