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Maximize Your Monday

Clinton Gorham, Brand Consultant + Web Designer

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After a great weekend, sometimes it can be very hard to get it going on the dreaded Monday. Taking advantage of the morning will prove beneficial in the short and long term. Following a system of taking charge of yourself and your early hours will make you structured, organized, and prepared to maximize your Monday.

1. Plan Your Day The Night Before
The key is to “time shift” so that you are ahead of the early risers the night before. Create plans to reach your goals, visualize what your day would be like and determine which task can be accomplished. You can go to bed at ease by planning your day in advance. Planning includes programming your coffee maker in advance. The smell of fresh-brewed coffee (especially a Dark Roast) sends a signal to your brain that says, “It is time to get up.”

2. Take A Shower
Rather than make your way to the kitchen for that cup of coffee, head to the bathroom and take a warm shower. Do not hit snooze. Head straight to the tub when the alarm goes off. The refreshing feeling you will get from the hot water will trigger that it is time for your body to get moving. Besides… who does not like to get so fresh and oh so clean?

3. Eat A Healthy Breakfast
After taking a warm shower eat a healthy breakfast. Be careful with what you eat during the early hours of the day. While cereal is a traditional meal for many of us, it will not serve you best for the morning hours; Protein may be a better choice for you in the morning that will provide you will the supplemental boost you need to accomplish priority tasks.

4. Exercise
This is a game-changer! Exercising has a way a getting your creative juices going. Plus, working out in the morning makes you healthier and stronger. It is hard for anyone to excuse themselves from working out if he or she wants to have a more productive day. Doctors, mental health experts, and gurus all advocate that exercise will make your day better.

5. Walk In The Light
If exercising isn’t your thing you can always embrace the natural light that starts the day. Fresh air is good at any time of day, and getting it early on is never a bad thing. Once the sun is up, grab your coffee (or hot tea) and step outside. It can brighten your mood, heighten your perception, and improve your performance of tasks.

6. Meditate
The more you meditate, the more you are in tune with the process, and the more time you will allot to this relaxing activity. We suggest meditation for at least 5 minutes before you began your typical workflow. Meditation is also helpful against stress and improves your creativity, gives you a sharper focus, and increases your memory.

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