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Just Take Your Time

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Just Take



My father was known for his cooking & catering. As a child, my father would sometimes say to me “be careful not to pull the chicken off the grill too soon because the inside is not done.” At the time, I did not know how profound his statement was and how it would stick with me for the rest of my life. 20 plus years later I used this same analogy for every area in my life; from business to family. It does not matter. It is always applicable.

The truth is if I could travel back in time and tell a 15-year-old younger version of myself some advice it would be just to take your time. Work hard, study hard, stay hungry for success, but just take your time! I often say this when I am mentoring my fellow millennial entrepreneurs. My generation is pretty creative, but we can sometimes be a bit hasty when making business decisions. We are a generation bursting at the seam with innovative ideas, but with technology changing the world as we know it, we want everything fast, and we want it right now. Unfortunately, that hurts us in more ways than one!

I’ve heard so many stories of entrepreneurs that have this excellent idea for a new product or service, so they dive head first in their new business endeavor. In the midst of the development & branding phase, they realize that they are way behind schedule. The logo is complete. The packaging is perfect. However, maybe their website wasn’t 100% developed or their social media wasn’t set up. So in their excitement, they decided to release the product or service to the public anyway. Entrepreneurs have even confessed to reading blogs encouraging them to go ahead and release that product or service even if it’s not perfect. After 90 days have passed by their sales were little to none & they asked themselves why did no one invest in this “excellent” product/service.

So what happened? My answer is that they released it too soon. Many factors can play into why some businesses don’t succeed, but it is very obvious in situations like this. Why would any entrepreneur release a product (digital or physical) without a completed website & no social media presence? Do you realize that it is 2017 and everything is online? You never do that! NEVER! There is not one business or industry that doesn’t require a web presence, marketing, and advertisements to be successful. In this digital age, I would challenge that the online portion of the branding process is just as important, if not more, than the perfection of the product itself. Early release is not always a bad thing. Sometimes acting on a gut feeling will pay high dividends, but let’s be honest, that’s not how it typically works in business for the average successful entrepreneur.  Success takes time. Rome was not made in one day. Beyonce was not made in one day. Sometimes it is better just to take your time and complete the entire development & branding phase. Or as my father would say “get all your ducks in order.”

I want to encourage you to keep pushing! Being hasty happens to the best of us. If you are like me, then you hate “procrastination.” However, do not let that distract you from going through the complete development & branding process & releasing a solid product or service built on a reliable brand.

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  1. Greg hall

    I totally agree. Branding is a process, as well as putting out a quality product. I feel those that push their way in the market completely miss out on the opportunity of scaling the company through proper branding. A highly anticipated product(that doesn’t take too long) will explode the market, over one that is 90% ready and needs recalls, and fixes. Great article.

    • Clinton Gorham

      Branding is a process… a delicate process at that! Thanks for your insightful addition to this post…

  2. Juma Bush

    Thank you, Clinton very much appreciate your insight and experiences. Your desire to see and pull others up is without a doubt a blessing in it self!!


    Great read! Thanks for sharing.


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