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Just Take Your Time

My father was known for his cooking & catering. As a child, my father would sometimes say to me “be careful not to pull the chicken off the grill too soon because the inside is not done.” At the time, I did not know how profound his statement was and how it would...

Blog or Get Left Behind

If I've said it once then, I've said it one thousand times. You have to blog! We are in the digital age. Information is at the fingers tips of anyone who has a digital device, so blogging is the single most valuable tool that we have to engage with our peers and tribe...

5 Key Brand Elements

Successful branding begins with a defined brand that is relevant to your market. You might think that since you have a logo, tagline, and business card, you've completed your branding. However, unless you've defined all five of the key brand elements—position,...

Be An Honest Copycat

Copycats look for shortcuts & want the praise without doing any hard work right? WRONG! That is the biggest misconception that I have ever heard. I know what you are thinking. Is this guy telling people to copy others? Yes, I am but don’t be a thief (of course)....

Maximize Your Monday

After a great weekend, sometimes it can be very hard to get it going on the dreaded Monday. Taking advantage of the morning will prove beneficial in the short and long term. Waking up feeling successful is the best way to start your day. Following a system of taking...

Logo Design: Color Theory

While the message behind your logo should be your primary concern when creating a logo for yourself or your business, research has suggested that your logo’s design, specifically its colors, have more bearing on your audiences’ opinions than what you may think....


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