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Balancing Entrepreneurship: Relationships

Clinton Gorham, Brand Consultant + Web Designer

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Out of the factors that need balancing as a millennial entrepreneur, relationships can be the most challenging. Unlike health, lifestyle, and time, it may be the most difficult to control. Some entrepreneurs would even go as far as sacrificing their relationships for their business and brand. However, it does not have to be that way. There are many things you can do to overcome this challenge. Remember, you should be working to live and not living for work. Here are three ways to balance entrepreneurship and those personal relationships in your life.

1. How to Balance Relationships with Your friends
There is a good reason why you share friendships with people. These are the people who share your common interests. For example, Christie is your friend, from elementary school, you used to play hide-and-seek every Saturday. Colton was your Football team captain during High School. Alen is the guy from the apartment, next door, who shares a beer with you at the bar across the street. A great goal is to spend five hours of each week with those close friends with regular activities such as lunch, movie night or sports matches. You can even have a game night with your best friends and invite some new friends too. Ladies, you can watch the latest blockbuster hit with your girlfriends while sharing a bottle of wine. There is a small window of time during weekends to take your brain off of work and help rejuvenate and refresh your mind.

2. How To Balance Relationships With Your Significant Other
The key to a long-lasting romantic relationship is keeping the romance alive. Business can get in the way of love but a special night with your significant other will help nurture this relationship. Schedule a date night and do it regularly. However, change it up. Do something different each time. You can share a glass of wine by the fire this week. Next week you can book a weekend getaway. Also, you can take a long romantic walk; you don’t have to spend money all the time. Be creative! Talk to your significant other about each other’s schedule, the activities that you both like, and base your romantic plans around it. Acknowledge that your significant other has a busy lifestyle too. In every relationship, quality time is essential.

3. How to Balance Relationships with Extended Family
The greatest thing about family, is they always understand you and not because they need to but because they love you. They are your moral support. The problem is everyone is so busy being an entrepreneur that nobody remembers to check on Aunt Mary who cooks the best pie. Everyone is so busy with his or her business to have a conversation with Uncle James. Sharing time with family can be difficult because of the generation gap, but it should not stop you from having fun with family. Maybe your family has a tradition of keeping a monthly gathering, start with attending that. From there, you can show up at Grandma’s house for a surprise visit. I am sure she would love it.

What is the point of having a successful career but you don’t have anyone with which you can share? Taking time to nurture the meaningful relationships in your life will ensure that you have a healthy personal life and career at the same time.

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  1. Stacia Y. Davis

    What a great and timely post Clinton! Balancing and consistently are very important in keeping great working relationships and relationships in general. Most recently, while re-branding a conference, some of my close friends were adamant about spending time together because they had noticed a decline in our overall communication and such. I honestly had to take a step back to realize that they were absolutely correct!!! I had become so engrossed in my work that, without realizing, I had isolated myself from the people who truly mattered. You are absolutely correct who you mentioned that it’s the little things that we can change or modify that mean the most. I’ve challenged myself to make a conscious effort in making sure that I set aside time and plan well thought out activities to make my friends and family happy.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Steven Bechard

    Thanks for the insite. I currently am experiencing this right now!


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