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Balancing Entrepreneurship: Health

Clinton Gorham, Brand Consultant + Web Designer

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Being an entrepreneur requires one extremely, important, and often challenging skill – balance. Millennial entrepreneurs have a lot to juggle on their hands. Aside from workloads they get from their own business and branding to stick with, they also have a lifestyle to keep, relationships to maintain and family to take care. On social media, millennials always complain about being stressed. Stress is the one state an entrepreneur should avoid. You can start feeling irritable and less productive but the next day; even your immune system will begin to suffer. For a well-balanced health and work life, there are three key things to achieve.

1. Start With A Healthy Diet
We are what we eat. If we eat healthily, then we could live a healthy lifestyle. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. You can start with a more comfortable routine such as not skipping breakfast. For some entrepreneurs, skipping breakfast can easily be neglected. How many times have you run out of the door because you were late for a meeting? The next time this happens; don’t forget to grab your breakfast before you leave the house. Alternatively, you can even prep the night before, so you can eat it when you arrive at the office. Hard-boiled eggs, fruit, wheat toast, and orange juice are all excellent choices. Invest in healthy snack-sized foods such as nuts, a box of raisins, or granola bars to eat throughout the day. Another good habit is to meal prep for lunch and dinner. You can quickly prepare an entire week’s worth of meals in one night. Again, the idea is to eat healthily. Lean chicken, turkey, and salmon are great options.

2. Get Eight Hours of Sleep
A good sleep schedule is hard to come by and could take much patience when you have tons of deadlines to face. You need to be consistent with your plan. The small steps are essential such us turning the lights off, not eating before going to bed, or forgetting your snooze button. I like to take thirty minutes to an hour to whine down. During this time, I meditate, I pray, and I listen to soft music. One thing is for sure, no TV’s are allowed in my bedroom. You should try it. Your body’s internal clock will sync up with your lifestyle. Your mind immediately knows, that when you step into the bedroom, it is time to rest. Your body programs itself to go to sleep and to wake up. The key is deciding when to wake up and the best time to sleep.

3. Find Time To Work Out
Working out does not have to mean going to a gym. There are more natural solutions even for the millennial entrepreneur who wants the high-intensity workout. A short and intense workout-regimen is beneficial in losing fat, improving cardiovascular health, and gaining muscle. If your schedule is too busy to have the gym lifestyle, you can go with the effective alternative such as walking and biking. Walking has tons of benefits including increased cardiovascular and pulmonary fitness. It can also help reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Best of all, it is the easiest way to stay fit. Same goes for biking which is equally beneficial and efficient. It can help improve your flexibility, strength of your muscle, and decrease your stress level.

When it comes to balancing entrepreneurship and your lifestyle – focus is essential. Always remember that if you are not healthy, you are not going to help your business. Moreover, if you are an entrepreneur, it might even put your brand at risk. Millennials are good multi-taskers. You already have that in your favor. Learn to live well so that you can see the fruits of your labor.

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  1. Travis Robinson

    Great articles and outstanding tips for upcoming entrepreneurs. I’m getting in the habit of reading more and taking better steps to build my brand. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Clinton Gorham

      No problem Travis! Thank you for your support.


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