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5 Unsung Branding Hacks

Clinton Gorham, Brand Consultant + Web Designer

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5 Unsung



Over the last ten years, I have learned so much valuable information as it relates to branding. However, as time moves on so does the needs of your brand. Are you ready to be seen as the go-to in your industry? Here are 5 Branding Hacks that will quickly separate you from your competitors and catapult you to the top of your industry as an influencer.

1. Create a Tribe of Followers
While it is the first hack, it is probably the most difficult and critical of the five branding hacks. Convincing someone to follow you is not as easy as it sounds. It takes time, so you have to be patient. Providing a clear and consistent message of value to your target audience without asking for anything in return will pay off great dividends. Consistency builds trust. Trust turns into leads. Leads convert into clients. Clients pay invoices. Do you get the picture?

2. Develop A Must-Read Blog
Some people believe that the days of the standard blog are coming to an end. That is hardly true. Many entrepreneurs still love to read. It is all about knowing your audience. A top-quality blog will help you build online visibility as well as boost your website’s traffic. Over time, it can position you as a leading influencer in your industry. Making sure that your blog is something that your audience would want to read will prove beneficial. Having a blog just to have one will not cut it, so having a clear blog strategy is a must.

3. Produce Quality Videos
If you are on the internet for any amount of time, then you have more than likely seen a video that has resonated with you. It is hard to deny it, but videos are becoming the best way to communicate with millennials. You can produce a signature video that is memorable and tells your story; which will position you as a leading influencer in your industry. However, you cannot be skimpy on the pre and post-production budget. Millennials are drawn to captivating stories. No one wants to hear a sleazy sales pitch, so do it right or not at all.

4. Write A Signature Book
This is where you can begin separating yourself in any saturated industry of entrepreneurs. Research has shown that writing a book can be one of the best ways to build credibility along with increasing the visibility of your expertise. However, it requires that you know your stuff. A great way to write a book is by making a complicated subject easy for your audience to understand; this will help you to become a leading influencer for your target audience and fellow peers.

5. Organize An Industry Event
Do you want to be a leader in your industry? Be bold and develop an industry event. Whether big or small, conferences, seminars, and workshops are a proven way to build your brand. While being a keynote speaking at someone else’s event is still tried and true, why not organize an entirely separate event centered around your signature topic? The key is to focus on an area in your niche that is not being adequately addressed. As your event grows, so will the strength of your brand grow.

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  1. Teresita

    Wow I’ve got to really get the ball rolling! This was really helpful!

    • Clinton Gorham

      I am so glad that this article was able to help you!

  2. Patrice

    Clinton, as usual, your command of the entrepreneurial language speaks to the needs on how to grow our individual brands so we can go to the next level in business. Thank you for your commitment to excellence.

    • Clinton Gorham

      Thank you so much for the compliments. I really appreciate it!

  3. Catherine Newsome

    Just EXCELLENT info! My brand can certainly benefit greatly from these tips! Thanks!

    • Clinton Gorham

      I am so glad you see value in this article. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Na'Kole Watson

    Awesome article! I have implemented most of these within my businesses, and this confirms that I AM on the right track. Thanks so much for sharing your insight!

    • Clinton Gorham

      Yes, Na’Kole… you are absolutely on the right track. You are AMAZING!

  5. Corey Butler

    Thanks for this bro! You always put some ‘nuggets’ out there that I always need. I’m not there yet but i’m making it. #SlowMotion 🙂

    • Clinton Gorham

      Keep going, Corey! You can do it… your work is AWESOME SAUCE!

  6. Walter

    Per usual, great information! I’ve tried to accomplish these out of order, and I’m not even sure you meant to put it in any particular order, but I think it works best in that flow. I’ve spent the last several months trying to reestablish my position and build a rapport with my audience so I can have that tribe/following and everything else just makes sense from there!

    • Clinton Gorham

      Yes… I did put them in an order that made sense to me. However, do what is best for your business and brand.

  7. April

    Amazing tips! Thank you.

    • Clinton Gorham

      No problem! Thank you, April, for your support!

  8. Lyndell

    These are GREAT suggestions! I need to take action on all of them. Yikes…

    • Clinton Gorham

      I know you are going to do amazing Lyndell #GoGoGo


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