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5 Reasons Viewers Leave Your Website

Clinton Gorham, Brand Consultant + Web Designer

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5 Reasons Viewers

Leave Your


Are you wondering why viewers are not staying on your website? What are you doing wrong? What can you do to change your results? These are questions that most entrepreneurs ask themselves at one point in time. As we move forward into the new year, I think it is essential to make sure that our online presence is smooth and fluid for the user.

I am sure some of you are either designing your new website, refreshing your current site, or merely adding content, but now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your website to see if you are driving viewers away from your site before you make the sale. I get that you want things a certain way on your website, but I promise there are some things that you should not have in place which will make for a more exceptional user experience. This experience will ultimately lead to more sales. As a result, I came up with a list that will help propel your online presence. Below are 5 reasons viewers leave your website.

1. Not Mobile-Ready
I have seen several beautiful websites on my desktop or laptop only to view that same site on my mobile phone and have a horrible user experience because images and text were not formatted to fit within the screen of my phone. According to Similar Web, mobile now drives 56% of all traffic. This study does not just apply to the big brands and media savvy businesses such as Nike & Apple. If you are a new entrepreneur, then chances are your viewers searched for local services that you provide via their mobile devices. The best long-term option for you would be to switch to responsive website design that optimizes to any screen size.

2. Popup Advertisements
Nowadays, entrepreneurs are mostly using popup ads for joining a mailing list, to share the latest blog post, or even to follow them on various social media platforms. Is it wrong; absolutely not. However, imposing your popups will only drive visitors up the wall. That does not mean you cannot have the above options available on your website. For example, the idea is to create a designated space that gives visitors the option to sign up for your mailing list rather than forcing a popup to appear after 10 seconds of being on your website.

3. Auto-Play Music/Video
Music and video always add a nice touch to any website. However, online viewers have certain expectations while browsing the internet. One of those expectations is remaining in control of what they do, see, and hear. It is incredibly unfair to impose your music or video on someone with autoplay. A viewers instinct is to close the window of your website to stop the unrequested noise through their headphones or speakers, and more than likely they will not return. You do want viewers to stay on your site right? Think of your website as a library. Allow your viewers the option to chose a book, find a place to sit, plug in their headphones, set the volume, and click play at their discretion.

4. Lacks Personality
Your brand personality matters now more than ever. We can not deny the influx of online business vs. brick and mortar in this digital age. Having an established brand personality is an essential part of your business’s success as well as the success of your site. That means you need to have a visually appealing online real estate. There should be something visually that connects your website to your brand. If it looks and reads like any other website, you are going to have problems connecting with your online viewers that will create a domino effect. If you do not connect with your viewers, it will result in no trust. No trust will result in no leads. No leads will result in no sales. That is right! Sales will suffer without that connection.

5. Offers No Value
Everyone thinks that his or her website provides value. However, you have to assess this situation from the viewers perspective. Ask yourself these questions. What are your viewers gaining before they make a purchase? Have you invested in the viewer before you offer the sale? It is easy to place your services on a web page, put the price under it, and have a call-to-action that says “buy now.” However, what would make them trust you enough to purchase your products or services? Situations like this are where content plays a role. Adequately written content that shares the features of your product or services will compel them to move down your sales funnel. However, remember to never over-promise and under-deliver. Otherwise, you will get a bad reputation for ripping off your viewers.

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  1. Teresita

    Very informative! Guess I should’ve change a few things on mine lol


      Simple. Quick yet clear information. Love this!

      • Clinton Gorham

        Thank you, Yolanda! I appreciate your support.


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